Experience the Artwork

A huge part of being moved by art is experiencing the art. For me, there is nothing that beats being in the same room. ‘Seeing’ it though a computer screen just isn’t the same. I get excited whenever I unwrap a piece fresh from my printer. The scale of the image is dramatically changed from looking at it on the screen and in three dimensions, under the acrylic, it seems to come to life. When they are in the computer, I can imagine them this way, but the reality is always better. And when you are able to stand in front of them, the dimensionality, saturated colours and immediacy of each piece is arresting.

Technically, or maybe not so technically, the Dibond / Acrylic is a kind of protective sandwich, the pigment print is sandwiched between a protective layer of Acrylic on the face of the print, and on the back of the print, Dibond forms a rigid backer board. The print is permanently adhered between these two layers. They hang from the wall on a wooden hanging bar.

This mounting process has been my preferred method of presentation for several reasons. The acrylic not only provides a layer of protection for the pigment print from dust and scratches but it also blocks some UV light from long term exposure to natural light. It also enhances the visual experience of each piece, the colours are saturated and the depth of the acrylic increases the dimensionality of each print.