All that was dappled and gold..


This weekend we took a wee road trip away from our little village and the joy of our midnight marauder. This meant no rushing through lunch and the restaurant didn’t have to be chosen on the basis of whether or not it had Margarita pizza.

We started off with a stop for the first lunch in St. Remy de Provence. I have been told by numerous people that it was beautiful but I hadn’t been until now.


I am not sure if it could have been prettier. It was perhaps, even a little too pretty. In the old city it seemed that every other store sold wine. All the buildings seemed to be restored and painted in the most perfectly “provençal” way.


The light seems to have changed this week. It is warmer, there are rich undertones of gold and even in the shadows there are casts of yellow.


After a quiet lunch on a patio tucked away from the street (the Tarte de Citron was everything) we headed off to Aix en Provence.


And after wandering around in a daze of stores and restaurants we finally found the non commercial part of Aix, the quiet part I had remembered from 20 years ago when traveled there on my own and was delighted at the almost empty streets.


Walled private gardens and clean public fountains where you could hear the birds singing, really differentiates the portion of the city south of the Cours Mirabeau from that north of it. Here there are no retail stores and the buildings are restored and or maintained meticulously.


Noon mass was being conducted at the parish St. Jean de Malte. I am not overly religious but the sound of a choir in a church, always makes me take pause.

This trip was too short. I almost didn’t want to come home. It made me relish in the urbanity, small in comparison to Toronto, but it had everything you need to be happy in an urban life, perhaps even richer because it is so compact and you don’t have to drive.

We will be back.


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