Past Due

In February of this year, I presented a new series of architectural double exposures at the Artist Project in Toronto. This new work was shot in Avignon, Uzes, Anduze, Nimes and Arles – France.


This was a really hard show to put together. I constructed and shot the work in November and December, after I found out that my father was going to die from pancreatic cancer. I pushed forward, planning to attend the show in February as my father was adamant that I plan on attending. I returned to Canada in January to care for him. While we were in the hospice I was editing files, making postcards and putting together the final choices for printing. He was able to see my proofs and it brought him right back to the places we had seen together just months earlier.

He passed away January 27, 2016. With the show on wheels, driving itself, we had his funeral, buried him, packed up his house and I was on a plane to Toronto February 15th. One of my oldest friends in the world helped me hang the show and there I was on February 18th.

Standing in front of the streets I had taken him to in October. It was exciting to be surrounded by images of my new home but emotional at the same time. I could recall our conversations and know that they were some of the last conversations we would have about architecture. It was our bond. Architecture. Our place to completely know wonder.

As I write that, I know how deep this loss will be. No one else felt that with me. To share something like that with someone so close is to be complete. Now there is a part of me missing. A call that no one will answer.

And so, because of all of that, life has been upside down lately.

And like most things on my plate, this post is past due.


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