Artist Project 2015

Last year was my first year at the Artist Project. I presented the Suspended Garden, a series of double exposures taken in 2014 at the High Line in New York City.

Famous for its unique location and adaptive re-use of decaying city structure, this park attracts millions of tourists and city dwellers alike. Why? Why are we drawn to it, why does it capture our imaginations and take our breath away?

By layering the organic life of the park over the hard city scape, it pushes the viewer to see how architectural space is not two dimensional, it is also what we hear, smell, feel and experience. This park is an urban escape; offering separation but not disconnection from the city street and re-connection to the natural world through its highly designed and yet perceptually wild, plant life.

Most of the pieces were large format. The squares were 40 x 40″ and the large ‘4 storey walk up’ was 40 x 60″. These were pigment prints back mounted to Dibond and face mounted with acrylic.

Double exposure is an old technique from the days of film and using the same idea with a digital camera, without Photoshop, was the basis of my project. All of the works were composed on-site over 4 days. The camera records the first image, and you have 30 seconds to take the next picture. I rely on an intuitive, visual memory of the first image to compose the second and therefore final image. Often I take 4 or 6 to get a composition that works and is metered correctly. I enjoy working with the uneven characteristics of natural light. It’s extremes sometimes create unpredictable results. They can be disastrous or magical. There is a lot of experimentation involved in the process. It is a natural fit with the slow and meticulous way I enjoy working.




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