Taking in the Highline Park, New York City.

...she was exquisite...
…she was exquisite…

This series was taken in New York, at the High Line Park using multiple exposures in camera.

The park offers a new look at the city. Suspended above streets and construction sites, it lifts you but does not completely hide you away. It is a cultivated garden, rich with texture, shape and color. As it drives through the built fabric of the city, you invited to meander and stop, watch and listen. There are nooks and crannies for locals on their lunch breaks and vistas for visitor selfies. It has an openness, allowing for the possibility of invention and yet a clear mandate, it is a garden park, an escape in the city.

The great contrasts of the Highline are like New York itself. Wander along any street and you will find, the crazy / the sane, the quiet / the loud, the elegant/ the profane, the humble / the boisterous. Double exposures allow that visual story of contrast but also serve to puzzle the eye a little. They make you search for both images and then give in to the new image. The Highline allows you to ‘see’ the city but as you watch it, there is also the physical presence of the garden one feels, the plants – their movement and shape in opposition to the hardscape that contains it.

See my complete series here. (UPDATE –  Here’s what the show looked like.)

p.s. Some of the Highline pieces will be with me at the Toronto Artist Project in February.




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