Interactive Art in Children’s Hospitals – just for children?

The Morgan Stanley Clinical Building at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London has been employing some very innovative ways to engage families, children and staff through art projects in their building. I previously posted on the Lullaby Factory from Studioweave and now there are a few more to look at.

I would like to highlight one in particular.  It is interactive wallpaper and light installation by Jason Bruges Studio.  It is called Nature Trail. Click to watch a video by Jason Bruges Studio that explains the design and process of installation.

Delightfully appealing to any age, this is beautiful idea that does not rely on a Disneyesque interpretation of ‘forest’ and ‘woodland creature’.  The lit up, moving evocations of animals appear like magic among the digital and fantastical forest.  It invites inquiry, play, discussion and delight.  All factors for a successful art installation for everyone to enjoy.

Find out more on other creative projects living at the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building here.


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